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•Welcome to Frarf•
Nice to meet you all, I'm Sophie, by the way. I hope you like the background, I made it myself. Teehee. I really do like it. So I'm an A-A in M-M. And me, being an Anime Addict, shall talk mainly about, you guessed it, Anime and Manga. I call it "Anime Philosophy" but you can call it whatever you like. Of course, I'm also big on music, so I might do "Music Philosophy" as well. By the way, if you like country you can click the big red X at the top right now. That also goes for fans of Hannah Montana and the JoBro's. (Urk I think I'm gonna puke. Just thinking about them makes me woozy.)

Naruto Rox:
So does Ouran (OHSHC):
Other Anime that rock:
Samurai Champloo: Romeo x Juliet: D.N. Angel: Eureka 7: Death Note: Which One is Better?
Ouran High
Pick One:
See what you did? You blew us up! @.@ «.«

Ooh a Clock! Well, least ways, this is Sophie's ultra weird home page. More serious stuff on other pages.
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